About us.

First of all, we’d like to take just a moment to say thank you for considering our business for your SEO and digital marketing services. Main Focus Marketing Solutions and those we work with have been delivering online success and results for companies coast to coast.

Together, we have extensive and notable experience in areas as broad as analytics, email marketing, digital strategy, technology, consulting, SEO, and social media. We decided to put that all together and create our new, very effective marketing strategy with an eye on flexibility and scaling.

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Why Choose Us

You might be wondering why you would choose us over a considerably larger digital agency. The truth is, we are more focused, we work smarter, and we are able to dedicate ourselves to your goals with a level of accountability that bigger players can’t give your projects.

We like to call our approach ‘digital balance.’ It’s a mix of SEO, social strategy, digital strategy, analytics, and reporting. Our strategy always has a focus, and we pursue it fearlessly. We’ve perfected our executions, and you can count on it becoming your pathway to online success in business.

Our business brings to the table a collection of experienced, dedicated digital marketers who work on the specific projects that bring digital marketing success to our client list.

In this industry, the learning never stops, so we are students at the same time we are using our existing experience to help your business thrive.

We Really Do Love What We Do

Connecting your business with online consumers is part art, part science. Passion is often the glue between the two, and it’s not something you can teach; you just bring it, and we do. We’re not your typical online agency, and there’s a handful of things we think you ought to know about us:

We Live It

Roll through our blog and read some random entries; it won’t take long for you to witness that passion. Any online agency can pitch their sales and services; we make them our life, our very breath. Our work hasn’t gone without notice, as a handful of authoritative marketing websites have featured our accomplishments.

We Bring Creativity

Look around the market; you’ll be hard pressed to discover another agency built quite like ours is. That’s a deliberate decision. We don’t want to do things like the other guys, but we also produce results, unlike the other guys. Hard questions are asked around here, details are focused on, and creative thinking is used to push our limits and boundaries.

We Answer Our Phones

Whether you need us in the middle of a work day, the middle of a night, or the middle of a weekend, we’re there to work with you as much as you might need us.

Our Client List is Kept Small

The Internet marketing industry has definitely changed in recent years, and it’s gotten harder, to be honest. That’s one reason why we only onboard a select few new clients each month. We keep our list short in order to give everyone the attention and high-caliber results we are known for. Customer satisfaction and retention keeps us from having to continually grind for fresh clients. Our mission is to be the best digital marketing solutions company, not the biggest.

Challenges Are Fun For Us

Since we claim to bring top-quality results, we make sure that we go out and get top-quality talent. We’re ready for tough questions and love getting tested because we believe in ourselves.

Do You Want Increased Sales In Your Business?

I’m Leon Dunn, the owner, and operator of Main Focus Marketing Solutions, and I’ve personally got over a decade of experience in the digital marketing sector. I’ve been blessed to do work for some pretty amazing clients, and I’ve loved solving some rather complicated digital issues presented to me.

I understand that you’ve read pages like this before as you look for other online agencies; you’re reading a lot of the same claims and promises over and over again.

Here’s your chance to do something a little different from those other pages. Click on the link below and fill out the Discovery Form. Once completed, you’ll then be forwarded to a page where you can schedule a time to chat over the phone about your business. When we talk in that call, I’d like you to fill me in on what your personal business goals are. Then, I can start mapping out your path to success, right then and there.

Think I’m full of it? Call my bluff by letting me call you! It only takes a moment for you to fill out the following discovery form, and you’ll hear from me personally, not an assistant, by the end of the day.

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